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Inadequate Basic Amenities

Clothing is also a major problem to the children. They cannot access education because of lack of clothes , school uniform used clothes from our well ushers is welcome.

Teenage pregnancy

The Kenyan domestic household survey shows that adolescent mothers constitute more than half (60%) of the adolescent girls in the country a big number of these girls drop out of school due to stigmatization. The Kenyan government and the ministry of education has a policy of re-admission of girls back to school after giving birth. But it remains a big challenge to mother child girl’s education due to stigmatization ridicule and abuses from other pupils. The readmission policy must be widely disseminated in schools and the community so that parents are aware of this.

Guardian negative attitudes towards educating children
Guardians mind about the education of their education of their own children rather than orphans under their care hence cutting down chances of orphans getting education , orphans start withdrawing orphans under their care hence cutting down chances of orphans getting education , orphans start withdrawing from education when hey feel unloved and hopeless when orphan girls lose hope they chooses the obvious by getting married involve themselves in prostitution leading to pregnancy and hence drop out of school before even they complete their studies

Inadequate Health Facilities

As it’s evident in other slums in Kenya. Matopeni /quarry village suffer from poor sanitation, purchasing and high rate of immortalities to mention but a few. All past and present government have not recognized this part as one of Nairobi city hence do not provide welfare services or social amenities . This can be characterized by poor toilets/latrines on top of the sewage line, one roomed tin/iron sheet dwellings without privacy. The village receives water once a week from NAIROBI SEWARAGE AND WATER COMPANY and without storage facilities many go even without water or buy at 20/= a jerrycan. The communal toilets are very dirty and in poor conditions without doors girls and women feel them to use the school toilets.
Disease such as malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea the children resulting death. The sick destitute children and injured orphans must walk 4 km to the nearest city council hospital for treatment. The hospital is not well equipped and lacks proper medical facilities and makes it difficult to curb and control any outbreak leading to high mortality in the community.

Inadequate Public Schools

In Matopeni /quarry village there is only one public school and one private school which charge high charges high fees that the community cannot afford due to the level of poverty . Kindergarten education is not free in Kenya and the government has no policy and proper guideline for early childhood education program. As result of the community members decided and agreed to send their children to INGRID EDUCATION CENTRE to get basic & firm foundations of education, children walk as far as form 4 km to 8 km to school

Poverty and Child Prostitution

Poverty level in Matopeni /Quarry currently is high and stands at 60% . This means that most people are living below poverty line. It’s characterized by the hardship and poverty families and individuals face. Guardians/Parents have to choose between taking their children to school or letting them go and work in the quarry because of high costs of fees, child labour is the answer for family survival when there are no jobs girls provide unpaid labour at home, around the quarry some engage in prostitution in order to meet their needs and boys turn to hawking from door to door .

Exploitation Of The Girl Child

Domestic chores for girls are numerous and demanding leading to girls having no time to study for example if there is a baby to be taken care of it is the girl child who must do so at the expense of her education . Some parents are forcing expenses of her education some parents are forcing their daughters to carry their siblings to school. Girls take the whole burden in doing housework which include cleaning , washing clothes utensils, cooking, fetching water and looking after the young brothers are sisters

Child Labour

Child labour is on the rise within Nairobi slums Matopeni/quarry village with No exception face rate of child labour especially within adjacent quarry farms
The area is engaged in the mining of ballast and building stones. Both small boys & girls accompany their parents to work in the quarry farms. Another big setback! Girls of school going age 6-17 years old are employed as domestic workers in the neighboring Kayole and Komarock estates some sell vegetables and boys engage in hawking, child prostitution in exchange of money. HIV/AIDS is the most urgent danger facing the youth and they are the most vulnerable with the highest rates of infection
The economic constrain puts pressure on girls to involve themselves in sex in exchange of money and when money is involved it’s difficult though to have a safer sex. This has led to the worst consequences of HIV/AIDS death hence increase of orphans leading to children dropping out of school when side with poverty studies show that HIV/AIDS of school drop out with current static Matopeni/Quarry SLUMS HIV/aids orphans stands at 12,000 and it’s projected to rise to over 20,000 by 1015 (MOH/NACC 2007)family headed by children are on the increase in Matopeni /quarry due to HIV/AIDS impact.

Problems affecting children

Lack of food

Lack of food has lead to malnutrition and related diseases is amounting the children in Matopeni/quarry slum one of the factors that keep away children from attending schools. How can you teach a hungry child, most of the children’s families don’t have anything to put on the table for dinner. The food they eat serves as dinner


We are inviting all volunteers who wish to visit our school and donate their time and experience especially in teaching and fund raising.
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If you are visiting Kenya, we welcome your visit and donations you would like to carry with you
We are located in Nairobi city Kenya in Kayole a slum called Matopeni /Quarry slum
Volunteers in one of the class session at the centre
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About us

The Matopeni/Quarry slum is a slum village 25 Km drives from Nairobi City, the capital of Kenya. The overall economic situation is desperately poor. Poverty is at its peak illiteracy, lack of food and medical facilities and care are rare commodities resulting to suffering of orphans. Mortality rate from common disease such as cholera malaria, pneumonia and HIV/AIDS is very high four out of ten children in this village is directly affected by HIV/AIDS. Resulting to a handful of orphans who do not have anybody to turn to turn to be flocking in the streets of Kayole and Komarock estate in search of food to eat. When children lack a firm foundation to accessing education they easily involve themselves in petty crime and hence become law offender posing security threat in the society. Public schools are free in Kenya but are not available to many children and private schools are charging
We decided to offer free kindergarten education to the children in the slums because the government had no policy and guideline for early childhood education program.
This led Matopeni /quarry village to open a community based school to try to provide them with education for just 8,800/= )$ 117) a year an orphan can get a school uniform, one meal a day, and most importantly education surprisingly enough all this is out of reach for most orphans/destitute children. From our bodyline statistics research we discovered 25 of the neediest orphans with no one caring for them. They have in one way or the other dropped out of school to look for jobs to support their younger siblings. At the present we have more than 100 former street children who would like to rejoin school but no means to attain the dream
The squatter village of Matopeni/quarry slum is a home to more than 35,000 residents most of whom live under a dollar a day -women earn a living by making necklaces, basket weaving and a big number work in a quarry farm nearby.

Our Vision

The Ingrid Children Education Center’s vision and aim is become one case of hope and love to the socially misfit or the underprivileged children in the society by providing quality, affordable education and care by the year 2020

Our Mission

The Ingrid Children Education Center’s vision and aim is become one case of hope and love to the socially misfit or the underprivileged become a beacon that would lead many to their Godly purposed destination. By doing so we aim to give a basic and firm education and provide basic & general upkeep for all orphans destitute in Matopeni /Quarry villages with all little cost available so that the needy child get opportunity to escape poverty, have access to meangful jobs and lead fulfilling lives like other luck children from well of background
Thousand of children in Matopeni /quarry face high rate of illiteracy abuse homelessness and malnutrion. Ingrid Education have to ensure that all children get access to education by doing so their future will be improved. This can be only be done when they meet their basic needs with the steering committee in place. We strive to provide to provide equal attention to all orphans and destitute children by catering for their spiritual, physical, intellectual social and emotional all needs regardless of gender or religion become productive and self reliant in the community by identifying vocational programs and secondary education that gives skills such as sewing ,carpentry and IT
Our vision to start the sponsorship program in Matopeni/Quarry was basically to have a centralized body that can serve the poor and vulnerable children who drop out and school by lacking uniform and other scholastic materials from this community orphan and destitute who face economic constrains
On top there is need of rescuing children from child especially from the nearby quarry from and domestic work by 2020 we should strive to meet the millennium goal of achieving universal primary education in Matopeni and it’s environ by ensuring that all orphans destitute and children everywhere boy and girls alike are able to complete full course of primary
Going to school can increase child chances of surviving conflicts like, rape drug abuse attack forces labour early marriages etc
The school’s policy believed that education is the cornerstone of the bright future. Hence orphan and needy children should be given a chance to proper education which is fundamental fit to all human beings without looking into the background of a child it should be encouraged to all
Schools are to equip children with knowledge and skills which they need to become resourceful citizens of tomorrow
By providing education to the children we support them emotionally and enhancing their social development. Every child has a right to live as a child and education.
When quality Education is available in Matopeni/quarry village all the needy and well of will have equal opportunities to development and education is a basic human right for all children and this will ease the relationship in promotion of education between the community and this school involving the parents & guardians day to day running of the school.

Community Participation

The surrounding community has been involved in a day running of the school center. This has been achieved by having a school committee composed of the immediate members of the community.
The centre also holds annual general meetings where the whole community gets a chance to know how the center is run and even give their contributions.
We also have monthly cleaning exercise where the whole community is involved we have this once a month, by so doing the non school going children are encouraged to join the school.

Our Achievements To Date

Capacity building ; currently we sponsor a group of parents/guardians in necklaces making which does very well.

Renting parcel of land where we have constructed classrooms and sanitation facility

Education one of our core programme we provide to neediest and deserving children

Feeding program ; Rate of malnutrion has reduced among the children and their families by providing food to orphans and conducting health education

Orphans & Vulnerable Children Support

INEC Identifies and provide food for the orphan staying with friends and relatives and buy them school uniforms and food.

Capacity Building Programm

Plans are underway to start training parents and guardians in tailoring dress making and offer vocational training to the youth.
In additional we support a group of parent/guardian in necklaces making. We buy them raw materials we look for makes item to be economically stable.

Feeding Program

Children are fed on a cup of porridge, we also serve the children hot lunch at school

Education Programm

Currently we sponsor 116 children among them 14 orphans. We run a pre-school (Kindergaten) and grades 1,2 and 3.

Background information

Founder Douglas and wife Grace.

Ingrid Education centre was formed as a community based school, Douglas Monene, his wife Grace and his brother Eric were very eager to provide some basic education to the children of the slums in 2006.Opening a school they needed to have enough resources to enable them pay for rooms, buy books, pay teachers and water bills. Under the stewardship of Douglas Monene . The school started sponsorship program the same year due to increased malnutrition a feeding program the same year. Due to increased malnutrition a feeding program where children were fed with a cup of porridge daily. We started with Baby class, Nursery and pre-unit with a total number of 27 children. With the development steering community of this slum Douglas can be proud to stand high and give a story how far the school has come from the growing and had other needs. The school’s efforts began modestly, faced many setbacks to achieve its ultimate goal of providing adequate care for all needy children in the community. Lack of uniforms and other scholastics materials which were a must for children who wanted to attend public school could not hinder Douglas from admitting children to the school. Douglas and his team has been working hard to make sure and provide the best level of care that the children of Matopeni/Quarry deserve and require. Since the school started in 2006, Ingrid children’s Education center has made its efforts to provide food, care and Education to the orphans and needy children in the village of Matopeni /quarry. With all this Douglas is requesting assistance in sponsoring Ingrid children that will provide the children of Matopeni/Quarry the Aid and opportunity they need to survive and learn. Where the school stands today is a rental plot where we have put up 4 iron sheets classroom 1 office and small kitchen with recent addition of grade
1 , 2 and 3 INEC gives attention to 116 and contribute to the community’s development