Saturday, June 13, 2009

Child Labour

Child labour is on the rise within Nairobi slums Matopeni/quarry village with No exception face rate of child labour especially within adjacent quarry farms
The area is engaged in the mining of ballast and building stones. Both small boys & girls accompany their parents to work in the quarry farms. Another big setback! Girls of school going age 6-17 years old are employed as domestic workers in the neighboring Kayole and Komarock estates some sell vegetables and boys engage in hawking, child prostitution in exchange of money. HIV/AIDS is the most urgent danger facing the youth and they are the most vulnerable with the highest rates of infection
The economic constrain puts pressure on girls to involve themselves in sex in exchange of money and when money is involved it’s difficult though to have a safer sex. This has led to the worst consequences of HIV/AIDS death hence increase of orphans leading to children dropping out of school when side with poverty studies show that HIV/AIDS of school drop out with current static Matopeni/Quarry SLUMS HIV/aids orphans stands at 12,000 and it’s projected to rise to over 20,000 by 1015 (MOH/NACC 2007)family headed by children are on the increase in Matopeni /quarry due to HIV/AIDS impact.

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