Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Mission

The Ingrid Children Education Center’s vision and aim is become one case of hope and love to the socially misfit or the underprivileged become a beacon that would lead many to their Godly purposed destination. By doing so we aim to give a basic and firm education and provide basic & general upkeep for all orphans destitute in Matopeni /Quarry villages with all little cost available so that the needy child get opportunity to escape poverty, have access to meangful jobs and lead fulfilling lives like other luck children from well of background
Thousand of children in Matopeni /quarry face high rate of illiteracy abuse homelessness and malnutrion. Ingrid Education have to ensure that all children get access to education by doing so their future will be improved. This can be only be done when they meet their basic needs with the steering committee in place. We strive to provide to provide equal attention to all orphans and destitute children by catering for their spiritual, physical, intellectual social and emotional all needs regardless of gender or religion become productive and self reliant in the community by identifying vocational programs and secondary education that gives skills such as sewing ,carpentry and IT
Our vision to start the sponsorship program in Matopeni/Quarry was basically to have a centralized body that can serve the poor and vulnerable children who drop out and school by lacking uniform and other scholastic materials from this community orphan and destitute who face economic constrains
On top there is need of rescuing children from child especially from the nearby quarry from and domestic work by 2020 we should strive to meet the millennium goal of achieving universal primary education in Matopeni and it’s environ by ensuring that all orphans destitute and children everywhere boy and girls alike are able to complete full course of primary
Going to school can increase child chances of surviving conflicts like, rape drug abuse attack forces labour early marriages etc
The school’s policy believed that education is the cornerstone of the bright future. Hence orphan and needy children should be given a chance to proper education which is fundamental fit to all human beings without looking into the background of a child it should be encouraged to all
Schools are to equip children with knowledge and skills which they need to become resourceful citizens of tomorrow
By providing education to the children we support them emotionally and enhancing their social development. Every child has a right to live as a child and education.
When quality Education is available in Matopeni/quarry village all the needy and well of will have equal opportunities to development and education is a basic human right for all children and this will ease the relationship in promotion of education between the community and this school involving the parents & guardians day to day running of the school.

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