Saturday, June 13, 2009

Background information

Founder Douglas and wife Grace.

Ingrid Education centre was formed as a community based school, Douglas Monene, his wife Grace and his brother Eric were very eager to provide some basic education to the children of the slums in 2006.Opening a school they needed to have enough resources to enable them pay for rooms, buy books, pay teachers and water bills. Under the stewardship of Douglas Monene . The school started sponsorship program the same year due to increased malnutrition a feeding program the same year. Due to increased malnutrition a feeding program where children were fed with a cup of porridge daily. We started with Baby class, Nursery and pre-unit with a total number of 27 children. With the development steering community of this slum Douglas can be proud to stand high and give a story how far the school has come from the growing and had other needs. The school’s efforts began modestly, faced many setbacks to achieve its ultimate goal of providing adequate care for all needy children in the community. Lack of uniforms and other scholastics materials which were a must for children who wanted to attend public school could not hinder Douglas from admitting children to the school. Douglas and his team has been working hard to make sure and provide the best level of care that the children of Matopeni/Quarry deserve and require. Since the school started in 2006, Ingrid children’s Education center has made its efforts to provide food, care and Education to the orphans and needy children in the village of Matopeni /quarry. With all this Douglas is requesting assistance in sponsoring Ingrid children that will provide the children of Matopeni/Quarry the Aid and opportunity they need to survive and learn. Where the school stands today is a rental plot where we have put up 4 iron sheets classroom 1 office and small kitchen with recent addition of grade
1 , 2 and 3 INEC gives attention to 116 and contribute to the community’s development

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