Volunteer With Us

placement volunteer opportunities available

Our Volunteer Opportunities Range From:

- Teaching

- Counseling

- Medical work

- Outreach seminars and Crusades(Child Ministry)

- HIV/AIDS Programs

-Orphanage Work

Ingrid Centre invites volunteers both locally and internationally
you can as well do it online and for those who want to come to the Centre and offer their time serving the kids are welcome. if you cannot come contact us to share ideas and find solutions to community issues. Everybody has something to offer. Do you have a little spare time and the desire to make a difference? Contact us.

Outreach Activities

Develops methods and opportunities to spread the message of Ingrid Centre. Educate the community and elicit their active support. Recognizing the need for Child Education program and enhancing relationships with the community, Ingrid Centre Team and volunteers will develop and implement strategies to maximize community involvement and formalize partnerships between the community and Education experts on the ground both locally and nationally

Event Planning and Hosting Activities

Volunteers are also always needed to help with the following;
All you need to do is gather your friends, family or work colleagues together to share a fun meal, invite them to make a donation to this great cause, and all of you will be helping to put an end to child poverty. All the money you raise will benefit the Children's Fund, set up especially to aid children living in poverty
this will also deal specifically with planning and implementing events that will enhance our image, promote our message, and invite participation of others. This group will be responsible for developing an on-going calendar of events and will explore ways to involve the local and International community.

Fund raising Activities

Assists in addressing the financial needs for Ingrid Education Centre through the design and implementation of fundraising activities both in our local communities and internationally. This is a critical undertaking and impacts directly on our ability to build capacity and respond to the needs of the Centre and our community.

Focuses on acquiring much of the Education supplies and materials needed to support Ingrid Education Centre and respond to requests for assistance. There is an overwhelming need to involve as many as possible in this effort.

Research Activity

Engages in research to help the Ingrid identify resources and strategic partnerships that support the mission of Education and ongoing sustainability.
All are welcome for any inquiry about our current Volunteer opportunities. Email us at:
With the subject: volunteer as sub heading.
Include your full contact information, professional background and what type of opportunity you are interested in.
We are inviting all volunteers who wish to visit our school and donate their time and experience especially in teaching and fund raising.

We are desperately in need of talented volunteers to help in many areas. Consider dedicating a few weeks or months of your life to one of the most rewarding experiences you can imagine. Those who cannot offer their services directly can contribute to the upkeep of the Centre.