Saturday, June 13, 2009

About us

The Matopeni/Quarry slum is a slum village 25 Km drives from Nairobi City, the capital of Kenya. The overall economic situation is desperately poor. Poverty is at its peak illiteracy, lack of food and medical facilities and care are rare commodities resulting to suffering of orphans. Mortality rate from common disease such as cholera malaria, pneumonia and HIV/AIDS is very high four out of ten children in this village is directly affected by HIV/AIDS. Resulting to a handful of orphans who do not have anybody to turn to turn to be flocking in the streets of Kayole and Komarock estate in search of food to eat. When children lack a firm foundation to accessing education they easily involve themselves in petty crime and hence become law offender posing security threat in the society. Public schools are free in Kenya but are not available to many children and private schools are charging
We decided to offer free kindergarten education to the children in the slums because the government had no policy and guideline for early childhood education program.
This led Matopeni /quarry village to open a community based school to try to provide them with education for just 8,800/= )$ 117) a year an orphan can get a school uniform, one meal a day, and most importantly education surprisingly enough all this is out of reach for most orphans/destitute children. From our bodyline statistics research we discovered 25 of the neediest orphans with no one caring for them. They have in one way or the other dropped out of school to look for jobs to support their younger siblings. At the present we have more than 100 former street children who would like to rejoin school but no means to attain the dream
The squatter village of Matopeni/quarry slum is a home to more than 35,000 residents most of whom live under a dollar a day -women earn a living by making necklaces, basket weaving and a big number work in a quarry farm nearby.

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