Thursday, March 18, 2010

The role food plays at the Centre

This is vital as children need incentive to go to school. They cannot be expected to learn with hunger on their minds. One mid day meal at school is a God send for them and hard pressed parents and guardians.
without lunch meal there is fear that children will stop coming to school resulting to going back to the quarry crashing stones and streets begging for food.

We need food or cash. If we can raise a sack of beans and rice that will give us the carrot to get the kids off the streets and the quarry and into school. Large or small your donation will be used to its fullest potential. We have the rooms, the desks the passion and will to succeed. All that we need now is your help.Feel free to contact us. or

The area is engaged in the mining of ballast and building stones.
Child labour is on the rise within Nairobi slums Matopeni/quarry village with No exception face rate of child labour especially within adjacent quarry farms.

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