Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our First Volunteers-February 2010.

Our First Volunteers This year arrived on Wednesday 3rd from UK-Bryna and Helena.They were joined by Lamba and Ruthy from Swahiba network Kenya.Being the first day at the centre we took time to take them round to get the real picture of the centre.It was a very good experience indeed.The kids were happy too.Later the kids received the gift stuff the volunteers brought .it was a wonderful day and perhaps the 1 st gift of a kind this year.Bravo you all!!
Later each of them were allocated a class where the host teacher thought the kids inorder the volunteer could see what it is like teaching these young ones.Bryn teamed up with teacher Norah in Grade 3 and 4. Lamba joined teacher Grace in Baby/class together with Helena and Ruthy teamed up with teacher Linet in Grade one.
We welcome you all to Ingrid this month and more news will follow as the volunteer will be continuing teaching at the centre. more intresting Helena will be introducing French class and the kids are very happy about it.
From the desk of the Director:
Douglas Monene.
Ingrid Centre Nairobi


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