Thursday, July 29, 2010

End term News

We have come to the end of the term and we send out our sincere thanks to all our friends,Parents,Guardians for the support that they have shown throughout the term. Wish you all as you decide the future of Kenya in the referendum. God bless Kenya!!


The Boys await treatment in Hospital
the morning they were abused

The boys at Ingrid Centre
where they attend school

Alfred Oroko and Francis Migiro pictured above Joined Ingrid School aged 3 years and 5 years respectively this was way back in the year 2006 when Ingrid Centre was founded. Alfred is in grade 3 and his younger brother is in grade 1.

Their Father who works in a quarry nearby during the day and as a watchman at night for a living ,separated with their Mother who turned out to be unfaithful Leaving the two boys under his care.

In the evening of 1st June 2010 the father left for his night shift to attend his work as a watchman in a nearby market leaving the boys sleeping in a rented small hut made of old tins. Returning in the morning as his daily routine he found the door open and the boys were still asleep. Checking all corners of the room he found out that a radio, dry battery and one speaker were missing. He immediately woke them up and started beating the boys mercilessly and could hit them with whatever his hand could reach.

The following morning the boys came to school limping and crying, when I saw them limp and cry ,I called them to my office and interrogated them. The boys narrated the story to me on how the dad beats them daily when he comes back home daily and that this was not the first time he. I immediately reported the matter to the Children’s Department who acted swiftly and referred the children to a nearby hospital where they were treated of neck injury, thigh swollen visible marks and Pain on the chest suffered from the Kicks from the Dad.

Since the father was bitter about the lose of the items Douglas could not allow the boys go back home for he feared the father could farther beat them. He took the boys to his house where they stayed for two days.

Later I went to the police and reported the matter and the father was arrested of assault. Knowing the stiff penalty and the months he could stay behind the bars the father’s boys pleaded for forgiveness. Being the only family bread winner I talked with the police to allow him come with me to the centre where the father took vows not to abuse t the boys anymore. He signed the agreement before all the teachers.

Despite the hardship of getting enough money to buy all basic needs for the boys the father now is a changed man who always comes to school in the morning and evening to find out how the boys are doing.

We at Ingrid Centre are there for the well being of the children who attend and stay around the community. We try our best to see all children have a right for protection and access to basic things such as food, clothes and good shelter and more so good education.

From the Director/Founder

Ingrid Education Centre

Douglas Monene.


(Children carrying water in this Nation news paper photo taken on 21st July 2010)

Child labour is on the rise within Nairobi slums Matopeni/quarry village with No exception face rate of child labour especially within adjacent quarry farms

The area is engaged in the mining of ballast and building stones. Both small boys & girls accompany their parents to work in the quarry farms.

Afandi at the Quarry farm before she joined Ingrid Centre.

Another big setback! Girls of school going age 6-17 years old are employed as domestic workers in the neighboring Kayole and Komarock estates some sell vegetables and boys engage in hawking, child prostitution in exchange of money.

Diana attendes School at Ingrid Centre.Sometimes she is abseent from school to help her mother top vend vegetables.

HIV/AIDS is the most urgent danger facing the youth and they are the most vulnerable with the highest rates of infection

The economic constrain puts pressure on girls to involve themselves in sex in exchange of money and when money is involved it’s difficult though to have a safer sex. This has led to the worst consequences of HIV/AIDS death hence increase of orphans leading to children dropping out of school. Poverty studies show that HIV/AIDS of school drop out with current static Matopeni/Quarry SLUMS HIV/aids orphans stands at 5,000 and it’s projected to rise to over 10,000 by 1015 (MOH/NACC 2007) family headed by children are on the increase in Matopeni /quarry due to HIV/AIDS impact.

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