Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sam and Beckee at Ingrid Centre

Its nice to write you all! This Summer The Ingrid Centre was lucky to have 3 volunteers this summer, Beckee arrived on the 24th July and later she was joined by Sam.What a wonderful experince....they are wonderful teachers...Sam teaches in Grade 2 and 3 and Beckee is incharge of grade one.They are doing a wonderful job.Beckee volunteers till the 8th of August when she leaves for mercy Home in Western Kenya.
Sam will contunue teaching until 14th August.The kids are happy and we thank beckee and Sam for the gifts they gave to the kids and food donations..
We have another volunteer joining them as from Monday.Mariam will be with the children for two weeks 3RD OF August to 14th August when she too leaves for Mercy Home.we welcome you all. Ingrid Centre is open to all who could like to come and volunteer teaching the children.

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